Fortuitous Bouncing

American Idol Thought: This is the annoying part of the season. I’ve seen these 9 left a lot by now and I know the potential for each of them. Really, 4 of them have a chance to win. David (rocker…kind of), David (sang the kiddie song this week), Brooke (the blondie), and Carly (the white girl with pipes). Nonetheless I have to watch the other 5 put out their feeble efforts and slowly but surely die off.

  1. A church or community that meets in a bar in Portland.
  2. Hilarious.
  3. A copy blog…but still very funny. Stuff Christians Like. #10…electronic drum kits.
  4. This guy wants to call the emerging church the emerging smirch. He blocked me from his blog so give him some comments for me. I wasn’t even that mean. This post has been deleted. I guess he likes the emerging church now 🙂
  5. Does blogging make you authentic?
  6. One of North Point’s Good Friday services.
  7. Great quote.
  8. The importance of bringing in the next generation for leadership roles in church is huge.


  • Didn’t I say before the tournament started that I really wanted to pick Davidson over Georgetown…dangit.
  • All this talk that Duke has somehow fallen of the short list of powerhouses is absurd.
  • Cannot believe baseball season is here….go Twins!

I’m leading worship at the 11am service this weekend at Sunset. Be there or be square.