I am excited to finally say that I am the new praise band director at Sunset Presbyterian Church. This is a huge answer to months of prayer. From the beginning of my decision to pursue ministry, it has been my desire to have my job in ministry. I had some other opportunities that came close but didn’t work out and all the way it became clearer to me that God had something for us at Sunset. So rather than try to pursue other possibilities I have just lived life knowing that I had a feeling that God wanted us to stay. This small inclination of God’s plan has come to fruition in the past few weeks. I basically started yesterday. I’ll be focusing more specifically on our 11am service on Sunday mornings which is a more contemporary service. I think that service fits me and my style very well. I’ll work really closely with Jill, and will also be working with Jay, Janet, Jocelyn, Randy, Tres, Travis, Julie, and many others including everyone in the bands specifically.

  • How this will affect my blogging here: I don’t think it will much. Obviously there will be more posts on church and worship music, but I have tried to post about the things I care about on this blog and music isn’t the only thing I care about. Being in seminary opens up many other areas of theology, church philosophy, and Bible study to blog about. So this blog will continue to cover a variety beyond church and music.
  • I know that Satan is already trying to attack me and my excitement for this job. I finally get to do what I love; what I previously did in my free time. But I know I’ll be working with people who are older, more experienced, and are better musicians. I also know I have huge shoes to fill from the previous person doing this job. All this scares me. Not that I doubt I am talented enough or have the leadership skills, but I know I need to grow by leaps and bounds in many ways. So if you could pray for me in that way I’d appreciate it.
  • I am now the youngest person on staff at Sunset. That’s fine, I’ve always been the youngest doing something at every church I’ve been at.
  • I’m really excited. The job feels like it was made for this season in my life. I’m doing what I love: trying to reach people that I desire to reach through music, and I get to continue pursuing an MDiv as well.
  • It is an incredible feeling to have an inkling of an idea of what God’s plan is and for that to actually happen. None of all this was my timing…not even close. He had(always has) better ideas and for this (and millions of other reasons) he is worthy of praise.