I Disagree

I read two things today that really got my attention. One has to do with Tony Jones, someone I have talked a little bit about before. The other has to do with Barack Obama.

  1. Tony Jones did an interview with someone who completely disagrees with most everything Tony stands for. This I commend Tony for, but some of his stances I disagree with. This pastor who interviewed Tony asked him when he was “born again.” You can read this section of the interview here. Tony says he is born again everyday basically. This is something I disagree with. He doesn’t seem to have any sense of assurance and is really going liberal with his theology with statements like this. Tony is an incredibly bright mind who I totally respect for his sense with the post modern generation. Generally I think he is right on, but this is wrong and I disagree with him. You are born again when you profess that Jesus is Lord of your life in your heart and recognize your sin and your need for a Savior, not when you wake up every morning. That is a dangerous theology to be teaching.
  2. Barack Obama spoke candidly about his support of civil unions for gays recently. Some good thoughts on what he had to say are here. When asked about why he supports this as a Christian he basically says that more Christians need to read the Sermon on the Mount instead of the “obscure passage in Romans.” Now I have little problem of valuing something Jesus said over something Paul said, but to call something in Romans obscure is just ridiculous. I have yet to be critical on this blog or in my mind of Obama. I have little reason to think he won’t be the next President, but what he said recently has really taken me back as far as his views of the Bible.

So now you can be critical of these things too or you can be critical of me for disagreeing with them.