Creative Chaos


Carlos at Ragamuffin Soul has started a weekly thing called “Creative Chaos.” I won’t go into the details of it here, but basically it sharing creative parts of your job, life, or more specifically your church. So here is mine for this week.

I’m leading worship at one of our services on Palm Sunday. We’re doing 3 really upbeat songs to start off the service and there will be no breaks between them. Going from one to the next to the next. I’ll be sweating. The sweet part is that we’re ending that set with Let God Arise which is so perfect for Palm Sunday. Whenever I think of Palm Sunday I think of a celebration. It is the goal to try and convey this triumphal entry of Jesus on Palm Sunday through those songs. I don’t know how creative that is, but it will be hopping. I guess it will be the true test for the congregation. If 3 intense songs in a row doesn’t get them moving…I don’t know what will.