Resources in Church

A common complaint I hear in many churches is the inability to do certain things because there is not enough resources. I’ve never given it much thought. It seems to make sense…you need resources to do things. Then I read a blog by Perry Noble (a great blog he has) talking about things you never want to hear from your staff members if you are a pastor.

#3 on that list is: “All I need is more staff and more money to make this happen.” His explanation for having this as one of the things you shouldn’t hear is that the people that say this are choosing to be stagnant instead of creative.

I don’t really have a lot to add to this, but clearly he makes a strong point and is convincing in doing so. Don’t we need less excuses and more servant’s hearts that are willing to go for it no matter what? Are resources really necessary? Can we, in the richest place in the world, really say we don’t have enough resources?

Should we be saying that we need more to do what we want to do in church?