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Category: Christianity

Life Wins

For the entire length of my Christian faith I’ve always placed a high priority on a few simple, quiet moments of reading, prayer, quietness, and meditation. In high school we called this JAM time. In college we called it quiet time. As an adult I simply think of it as soul cultivation. In these moments […]

Category: Christianity

Lessons from Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Disembodied Christianity

Bonhoeffer Series: Part One — In the last post we looked at Dietrich’s decision to forgo an opportunity for safety in the US, opting to return to Nazi Germany where his safety would be greatly endangered. Yesterday marked the 69 year anniversary of his death in a concentration camp, so it seems fitting to look […]

Category: Christianity

How Much Must I Give of Myself?

Today’s post from C.S. Lewis is part of the blog series Discipleship: Re-Imagining Our Calling From Christ. To receive future posts from the series in your inbox head HERE. Engage with the writers and community of readers using the hashtag #DiscipleshipBlog. — The ordinary idea which we all have before we become Christians is this. We take as the starting […]

Category: Christianity

Can You Love Jesus and Hate His Church?

It’s a common argument many have made: Jesus is sweet, but Christians, and the churches full of them, are lame. Not long ago a video made the rounds nearly everywhere that explained why a relationship was better than religion. It was another jab on the church and a plus one for Jesus. On the one […]

Category: Christianity

How to Fail as a Christian in a Post-Christian World

Ever since writing a book on holiness the first question I typically get asked is how Christians should engage the increasingly unchristian culture around them. America, and many other first world countries, were largely Christian nations in generations past. But today this is no longer the case. Today the center of culture is out in […]

Category: Christianity

Virginity is Valuable

It’s all the rage these days to blog about purity and virginity. Here’s a quick summary of some of the posts in the last 10 days that have been written on the subject. Sarah from BC wrote: Virginity isn’t a guarantee of healthy sexuality or marriage. You don’t have to consign your sexuality to the […]

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