The Good Ol' Days

Part of my old janitor job was cleaning the sanctuary every week. One week I was picking up all the papers that were on the floor and I found a note passed between 2 girls. It took me right back to middle school.

Girl 1- “Well…I really like him, but him liking me so much makes me not like him as much cause every time we see each other in the halls the only thing he ever says is ‘Hey! Wheres my hug? Well, give me a kiss two!’ And I’m not really sure if that’s the main reason why he asked me out…”

Girl 2- “Oh yeah I kno what ya mean”

Girl 1- “Oh, well I will stop annoying you w/ these obnoxious notes…love ya”

Girl 2- “they arnt obnoxious but okay”

Girl 1- “whatev! u know they are, you’re just trying to be polite…”

Haha….I love it.