What a Weekend

uptop.jpgThis past weekend was every reason why I wanted to get into ministry. It was every reason I do what I do. It was every reason that we have practices galore for the band, and every reason I plow through email after email about what most people would call mundane details. There is little to nothing that I can say with my words to bring justice to everything that went on, but I’ll try.
First off, we had a full choir and an orchestra with strings. On top of that the band played so far beyond any expectations I had. It was one of those times when I was so freed up by the excellence of the band that I was freely able to worship completely while playing. Rarely can I worship wearing dress pants and a dress shirt, I feel cramped, but last weekend was special.

You might remember my post from last week about how we had 70+ people on the stage. Check out some of the pictures to see the stage. At the front of the stage was an attachment that was built as a bridge. Ron talked in his message about how Jesus’ death and resurrection was what bridged the gap between God and us. So towards the end of each service he invited people to walk across the bridge if they had made a commitment to Jesus or were renewing their faith. They could do this during the last few songs or he invited them to walk across the bridge after the service to signify the step they had just made.

I was thinking that it would be an all or none type of thing. Surely a group as big as all the services were, there would be many who would renew or accept Jesus for the first time, but it would take a brave few to encourage the many. Sure enough, 2 of the services only a few people walked across during the songs and a few more after the service was over. But we had one service that just overwhelmed me, I could not help but cry. God was up to something that was a lot bigger than any of us on stage. People walked across that bridge for 5 solid minutes and the band and I just went jam crazy the whole time. It was a musical blast and senses overload to see all of these people making a public showing of the commitment they were making. Rob Bell has the famous bumper sticker saying “Love Wins.” This Sunday, love won.


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