The Holy Grail

Here is my bracket…THE Holy Grail 🙂 Click on the picture to view the full size.


Couple of key points to talk about:

  • I chose Butler over Tennessee. This is not that I think Tennessee is bad, I just think their style of play can lend itself to an upset and Butler is totally legit.
  • I chose four #1 seeds to reach the Final Four. I have never done this before (it has never happened before)…I just think the tournament has about 6 teams that are quite a bit better than everyone else overall. Of course anything can happen in one game but I didn’t think it was worth betting these best teams would lose.
  • As a Duke fan, I can be honest about my team. They are close to great, but not there yet.
  • I really wanted to pick Davidson to beat Georgetown, but I just couldn’t do it.
  • My big upsets are Butler over Tennessee, Siena over Vanderbilt, St. Joseph’s over Oklahoma, and USC over Wisconsin.
  • I think Butler and Drake really got screwed with their seeds as 7 and 5. They are two of the top 15 teams in the nation.
  • I am not a Kansas fan, I am a UCLA fan (Kevin Love is from Oregon). As much as I like UCLA, I think Kansas is a team that has been together for the past 3 years and is due to finally break through.

What do you think?