Fortuitous Bouncing

Arriving from an air mattress in a garage in La Mirada, California. Sorry if I’m off my game a little.

American Idol Thought- Thank you America. You do have taste in music. Here is a cool blog on behind the scenes stuff from finale week.

  1. Cool post on raising hands in worship.
  2. Jenni on relevance in worship.
  3. Michael Kruse on why the emergent chicken crossed the road. Very funny.
  4. Someone has the fortitude to call out Bush on his Nazi appeaser comment. Although, the calling out is warranted, he may go a bit far.
  5. Tony Jones on the trickle down effect of communication and teaching.
  6. Awesome quote from a blog I love reading everyday.


  • The Office- It was just ok for me (I sound like Randy Jackson).
  • Survivor- Amanda was, once again, the best player in the game. Yet she has absolutely no clue how to get people to vote for her to win. Really frustrating to watch.
  • Idol- Duh, it was awesome. Although the Wednesday night show was a little boring. Very cool that OneRepublic got on though.
  • The Bachelor- Rose cried. And now she is even more excited for The Bachelorette which started last Monday.

Have a great extended weekend. I will miss my Sunset family this weekend for sure.