True Love-Phil Wickham

phil wickhamTrue Love is one of my favorite songs right now. It is by Phil Wickham. Rose, Janet, and I went and saw him record a live, acoustic, worship album tonight. First off, the worship concert was awesome. Phil played his stuff and mixed it in with some well known hymns. He is one of maybe 4 or 5 Christian artists who can be awesome with just an acoustic guitar and his voice.

Earlier in the day I had some time to get together with Brody and Randy. It was awesome to get to know both of them a little bit. They work with Phil and a few other Christians artists. Primarily they help with the online presence of each artist and even more specifically they help them have an effective blog. I’ve been reading Brody’s blog for a while now, so it was cool to hang out with someone who I met through blogging (it works people). What happened tonight was lots of conversations between Phil and Brody about doing something like this tonight: making the live album free, and showing the live feed of the show on Phil’s blog. So even though I was there to experience it all, many more will experience it by downloading the songs from his website and others watched the concert live on his blog tonight. Very cool.

Brody gets it. Music is changing. Artists have to change with the times. Tonight was an example of how to succeed in the changing music industry.