Sunday 6.1.08.

I haven’t done a “worship confessional” in a long, long time so I figure I’m due. This morning was great. My buddy from high school, Matt, finally came to church, my grandparents from Nebraska and my 2 youngest siblings came as well. It was weird to look out into the crowd and see people I know. The video with Arnie that I talked about last week, was great. I’ll post that later on this week. Here is what our 11am service looked like.

Main Set:

  • Happy Day (C)
  • Beautiful Jesus (A)
  • From the Inside Out (F)
  • Offertory- What If? by Nicole Nordeman (sung by Laura and Jenni)


  • Grace Flows Down (D)
  • With All I Am (D)
  • Walk the World (A)

I think today was a great example of some of the newer songs we’ve been doing. We finally introduced Happy Day, a song I’ve been wanting to do for a while. This was also the third time we’ve sung Beautiful Jesus and Walk the World and I think both of those are finally starting to catch on.

2 things I loved from today:

  1. Seeing the band not only nail the songs, but feel the songs. We spent a lot of our practice time figuring out the ebb and flow of some of the more balladish songs. I think that showed on Sunday. I thought we played with purpose.
  2. Ending with Walk the World (which by written by Charlie Hall). I don’t think you could ask for a better way to end communion or a service. That song just says anything that I could say, but much more eloquently.

What are some of the new songs your church is doing?