Fortuitous Bouncing

Since I had several posts about me getting a Macbook, I should probably tell you all that I did get it 2 weeks ago. I’ve been very happy so far, although I need to use the iLife Suite more often. I don’t take a lot of pictures or videos, but I need to change that. Thanks for all your help!




If any of you were doubting whether we are in a recession or not, I have confirming evidence. Over the past few weeks a number of NBA basketball players have left their current teams to sign huge contracts with European teams. Even players that were born in the US are heading over there. I think this is sad, but here is why they are leaving:

  1. They make more money. Bigger contracts and the Euro is killing the USD right now.
  2. They don’t get taxed.
  3. They get a free car, free apartment, and free plane tickets for family.

Mercy Me’s cover of “Thriller”