Photography by a Friend

A friend of mine is moving up to Oregon from the Florida Keys for 2 months, next week. She does photography for a living down there. She is actually dating one of my best friends, but I know he’ll kill me if I say who, so I won’t (you are welcome buddy). Her name is Michelle and she runs Enduring Studios where she focuses on wedding, family, and infant photography.

I know she loves Oregon summers (who doesn’t?) and because of her loves for outdoor photography, she does not do studio work. So it might sound that I’m just trying to be nice to a friend, and I am. But, it is more than that, Michelle does an awesome job. I love her pictures. I know she has plenty of space to do some shoots for you while she is here in Oregon.

Head over to her blog, and then her website and show her some love.

These are some of my favorite pictures of hers.

I love having friends who are really good at something.