I Have it So Good

My wife and I were talking this morning about doing a “blogalogue” (my new favorite word) sometime soon. It is basically our discussion on how good we have it in America, how badly others have it, and what we can do about it. More to come. Today’s post flows right out of our discussion.

There have been 3 posts this week that stand above the rest. 3 posts that broke my heart. 3 posts that deserve their own post above anything I do on the usual Saturday morning post.

Everyone knows India has a caste system that still somewhat remains. It is not embraced by the government, but little is being done to stop the system that remains. To be honest I know next to nothing about it. This is what I do know: There are 4 social classes and then there is one group that doesn’t even has a place in those classes. They the Dalits. You could consider them lower than the social outcasts. There are as many Dalits in India as there are citizens of the USA.

Over on the God’s Politics blog, Adam Taylor has written 3 posts on his experience of living with the Dalits. Every one of them is worth a read.

Part One- Introduction

Part Two- Breaking the Barrier

Part Three- Dalits Turn to Christianity and Face More Persecution

“Hindu religion casts a protective shadow over the plight of the Dalits. The Western world is reluctant to fully engage in the Dalit struggle due to fears of being accused of religious intolerance, cultural insensitivity, and sheer ignorance.”

“Despite signs of economic mobility, Dalits are often the victims of dehumanizing acts of violence and humiliation designed to keep them in their place.”

“The public school system has become a dismal refuge for the children of the lower and middle castes, where Dalit students face daily abuse by teachers and students. According to a government report, 73 percent of Dalit students drop out in secondary school.”

india dalit begging

We have it so good.

Happy 4th everyone!