What I’ve Learned About Creative Arts Ministry By Being an Admin Assistant .2

Part Two: Voicemail is outdated…each generation communicates in different ways.

I have a huge confession…I’ve been an admin assistant all summer and I have not checked my voicemail for work all summer long (my boss is going to talk to me today about this). In fact I don’t think I’ve made a single phone call from my work phone. To me, land line phones, voicemail, etc, are all outdated.

One huge part of creative arts ministry is communicating with all the volunteers that help make weekend gatherings a success. At Sunset we use email primarily. But it is interesting to me to see how younger people communicate differently. They either don’t use email at all or they hardly use it. They would rather use Facebook, Myspace, or text messaging. It has to be interactive and it has to be instant for most young people. I’ll admit that I use email a lot, so seeing this communication change take place has made me feel old for the first time.

There is a constant process of finding ways to communicate to an entire team of people (over 20 in the band alone). Some people on the team hardly check their email, others check is constantly throughout the day.

I find it incredibly difficult to find one way to communicate to everyone that I help lead. In fact, it is impossible. I have to use various communication avenues to stay in touch with everyone.

What is the best way to communicate something to a large group of people?