Fortuitous Bouncing

Something about singing and worshiping as a church for an extended time just brings joy to my heart. Thanks to everyone who helped make the praise night possible. Also a big thanks to Sovann, who only knows me through this blog and drove 40 minutes to be a part of the night.

For all of you who have written comments the past few days, thanks. Usually I like the respond in some way (email, a comment) but I’ve been crazy busy the past few days. Hopefully you understand.




  • My Twins are only a half game back of the Black Sox (yes I hate them). They’re going to make a good run this year…just trust me.
  • Football starts Sunday…didn’t the Giants just win the Super Bowl?
  • It is about time that baseball has an exciting trade deadline. As much as everyone says the Red Sox got a bad deal, I don’t think anyone realizes how good Jason Bay is.