Portland Bloggers: Leadership Summit '08

This is my first chance to be a part of Leadership Summit, put on by Willow Creek. It is this Thursday and Friday. Almost everyone that goes either has to travel to Willow or to one of the satellite locations. The great thing is that I work at one of those locations (Portland, Oregon-Sunset Presbyterian Church). I am definitely looking forward to it. As usual, lots of great speakers. And I get a chance to be somewhat behind the scenes, in helping our satellite location be a great host.

A good blog friend of mine, Brent, is coming up. He and I talked briefly about trying to have a dinner for bloggers going to the Portland Summit to get together (not paid by us though obviously). We decided that Thursday night after the last session (scheduled to end at 5:30pm) we would head over to Oak Hills McMenamins. It is either a 10 second drive, or a 2 minute walk from the church, your choice. I know Brent and 3 of his friends are going to come, and I’ll make sure lots of my friends from church head over too. Let’s make this a great night to connect with people at the conference. Help me get the word out by blogging about it too.

Are you coming?