Dear Senator Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama,

Watching your nomination speech at Mile High Stadium was incredible. You are a truly gifted speaker; one who inspires those who listen. I have a lot of respect for how open you have been about your relationship with Jesus and how it affects the way you would govern should you be elected President. I know many Christians are worried about you being Muslim or the anti-Christ. But I choose to take the high road and trust that what you say about your relationship with Christ is true.

I’m writing to ask about the Democratic National Convention. Clearly it was an event that produced a lot of support for your Presidential ticket. But I’ve been reading reports about how it costs close to $150 million to put on. You said numerous times that you value government programs for the poor because of verses in the Bible that talk about how we serve Jesus when we serve the “least of these.” I won’t argue with that, yet I have to wonder why you needed to spend $150 million on a spectacle that simply served yourself, your political party, and your campaign. Spectacle, speech, and conventions all play an important role, but spending that much money on your convention shows that your campaign is not about change. I have to think with the amount of money spent, that you could have easily cut the costs by a significant amount and used the remaining dollars to bless the same people your programs will serve. Instead of showing that you are about change and serving the others of our country, you pumped up your ticket like every other politician from the past.


Tyler Braun