Dear Reader

Dear Sarah Palin

Dear Barack Obama

Dear Reader,

I’m sure you’ve been wondering why I’ve been writing about politics with such a negative tone. And that is a valid question. I’m sure that I managed to offend almost everyone with each of those letters that I posted. I do have a method behind my madness (if you want to call it that).

First off let me say that my words are not Gospel. I am truly a “man of depravity”. I could very well be in sin with my thoughts on politics and I fully accept and embrace that.

I spent plenty of time the past few weeks watching both conventions, only this time my vote was up for grabs. I remember watching these growing up and thinking they were extremely boring. Most of the time I thought the same thing watching them this year. Something did catch my eye this year though.

I think we’ve fallen for the politicians this time. What do I mean?

It seems now more than ever we are content with praising politicians for their ability to change the world (Of course I am young, so call me naive…I’m sure this has happened before).

I could swear that some people think that Barack Obama is Jesus. He is going to take away all our problems, he is going to make our country incredible again. I could swear that some people think Sarah Palin is the Virgin Mary. The perfect Christian woman who is against the right things and for the right things. She is going to turn our country around.

They both might be incredible people, but neither are the Savior.

While watching all those people at the conventions giving those mere mortal candidates endless standing ovations, I couldn’t help but wonder why.

I found myself yesterday asking, “Why am I getting all fired up about this stuff?” “Why do I let politics become about ‘they’ or ‘them’?” We’re all able to get pulled into the game of American politics, yet God calls us to something much more important: following and serving Him.

Somewhere we missed the idea that the hope of glory is Christ in us, not the next President. Changing our country isn’t their job, it is our job.

My friend Ross said it really well, “I don’t like that we want the government to do the Church’s job.”

What would it look like for followers of Christ to give all their energy in following Jesus instead of praising their favorite Presidential nominee?



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