My Church and the Chronicles of Narnia

In the beginning of the Chronicles of Narnia the kids walk through a coat closet and eventually run into a tree that they walk through to enter into Narnia. Right now Sunset is a little bit like that. When I walk from the green room to the stage I pass through a forest on the way.

We started a new series at Sunset titled “Growing Wise” to kick off the fall. Trees are a symbol for what it means to grow wise. So to exemplify that idea we brought in a bunch of trees that are now the back drop on our platform. Here are some pictures that I took.

Yes they are real. As part of the kick off we have a message bumper that will be run all 5 weeks. Here it is. Yeah…that is Coldplay!


Lastly we have a some videos in this series of people within the congregation sharing about what worship means to them. It is really cool to get to hear what people have to share that normally don’t get to. Below is the first one.


(Videos embedded)

Huge ups to Travis, Kent, Janet, and Jay for coming up with the ideas and making it happen.

What is your church doing for the fall kick off?

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