Debate Season Begins: McCain V. Obama

Here is your chance to share your thoughts on tonight’s debate. This is also your chance to pump up your favorite candidate in the context of this debate.

Let’s hear it, what did you think?

Please avoid talking negatively about either candidate, but instead talk about what the candidates did well.

Update: My quick take now that I’ve watched it.

  • Neither candidate answered anything about the economy in its current state. They both just talked the differences between top down and bottom up economics which would reflect both of their plans. This is everyone’s most important issue, so I’m surprised neither was strong here.
  • In the context of our world today, I don’t see why Obama having a desire to talk to anyone is a big deal. This is no reason to vote for him, but I don’t see why McCain is making this a big deal other than to paint him as “dangerous”…which he said over 5 times.