Fortuitous Bouncing

I hope these weekly posts are helpful. I basically link to interesting posts and articles that I’ve read. I should clarify that I’m not supporting everything said in anything I’ve linked to. I think it is good to read things that you disagree with. If you have some interesting posts you have read, send ’em my way.

I filmed myself all through my day at seminary yesterday…be looking for that next week.



  • Why people don’t leave town when a hurricane is about to hit.
  • As I’m sure you know Palin’s email was hacked this week. 2 thoughts….she wasn’t very smart about securing it, but at least she has email…McCain said he doesn’t even know how to use email (and no I don’t think this matters, it is just funny).
  • Total Request Live, better know as “TRL” is done. I have many memories coming home from school and watching that with friends in high school.