LifeShare: Bad to Good

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On Wednesday morning at our staff prayer meeting Barb shared from Ecclesiastes about how we worship and serve a God who turns the worst things into the best things. I think this is a great place for us to start with LifeShare together.

Let me share from my life…

11 months ago I started at Sunset as a janitor. As someone in the midst of starting seminary and having already a Bachelors degree it was very, very humbling at the beginning. I needed the job, but I never imagined graduating from college to a job as a janitor. Yet somehow God knew that it was this low point of my life that would lead me to my current job at Sunset. I never would have pictured it and actually was on a fierce job hunt trying to take matters into my own hands.

At church we sing songs like “Blessed Be Your Name” and “You Never Let Go” and that is all well and good. Yet I think too many of us doubt that God has the power to take our maligned situation in life and turning it into something He will bless! Look at my own life…I doubted God’s ability to provide so I went after job situations which would never have allowed me to continue in seminary. God had a plan that was good incredible. I have been so placed with where I am able to work, serve, and grow.

In the comments I’d love for you all to share a situation in your life that was terrible and God used it for His good purposes. You might even write a post on your blog and join in with LifeShare and then put a link to it in the comments. Take some time and write a comment…I’d really appreciate it.

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