You Should Watch This

Fellowship Church in Texas is one of my most creative churches in the world. They aren’t the biggest, they don’t have the most money, and they don’t have really famous musicians on their worship team. Yet, they continue to produce cd’s of their own music, written by people from their church.

This song is off their upcoming cd.


(Video embedded)

First off, the song is awesome.

I have dreams now and then that someday I’ll be able to sing like that guy. His voice is so unbelievable, I can’t really describe it.

Once you see all the painting being done on him begin, you will think it is weird. I did, that is for sure. So don’t feel bad when you think it’s weird. But if you wait till the end of the video it will all make sense.

It is seeing things like this that inspire me to be more creative at my church.

(HT: Pace Hartfield)