Fortuitous Bouncing

Such is the life of working at a church. I’m busier this week than I am next week.

I will not put money on it, but I have this feeling about the Ducks today. Most of that is because the Beavs will be without their 2nd best player. But again I won’t put money on it because the home team usually wins.

If anyone missed the Nebraska game yesterday (I’m sure that was all of you), my boys looked pretty bad most of the game. But a 57 yard field goal was about the most shocking victory I would have ever expected. They’ll be playing on New Year’s Day for the first time in 6 years.


  1. I recently blogged about Perry Noble telling his staff to resign if they weren’t working their dream job. This week he wrote a post about why pastors should not resign. I just want him to make up his mind.
  2. Michael Spencer has written a blog letter to Ed Young Jr. regarding his recent push for his congregation to have sex for 7 days straight with their spouses. In my opinion, he makes some great points.
  3. Tony Jones is blogging about same sex marriage.
  4. Stephen Baldwin claimed that he would leave the US if Obama was elected President. SHOCKING NEWSFLASH….he isn’t leaving.
  5. Some encouraging words from GK Chesterson.
  6. Scot McKnight with some thoughts on 20-somethings and church.


You pick…

Ducks or Beavs?