Homosexuality Will Divide Christians

I’d like to look at homosexuality today from a political standpoint and tomorrow from the standpoint of the local church.

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post on how Christians have been known to treat gays and lesbians and it got a pretty wide response. I looked at it from two different standpoints but I think they need to be somewhat isolated and looked at separately.

Prop 8 in California was the news maker on this political issue 2 weeks ago. The proposition was approved and it bans gays from getting married in California. Since its passing groups against it have rioted, picketed, and shamed those who voted for it. Let me say this…I don’t think you would see many people who voted for this rioting the weddings of those homosexuals who decide to get married. I’m actually quite encouraged by the way many Christians have reacted to this: vote your convictions, if your view wins, win humbly.

Here is an interesting reaction to those who voted Yes on Prop 8. Anyone who did or would have voted Yes on that measure should take a listen. The questions posed are ones that need to be given respectful answers.

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One pastor’s blog, that I enjoy reading, said this regarding the passing of Prop 8 in his state:

“The church will have to come to an understanding at some point that discrimination of this kind is antithetical to the message of the Gospel. I’m sure that as younger generations keep getting older and are able to vote, these types of questions won’t be such big issues, as the culture is definitely moving towards one of openness and inclusivity. I’m just sad and angry that it isn’t happening sooner.”

Now for my thoughts on this as a political issue.

  • I firmly believe that how we vote and are involved in the political process should be entirely surrounded by our faith and the convictions that the faith gives us.
  • For me, as a Christian, my convictions are based on what the Bible has to say as a whole.
  • Because of this I firmly believe that God designed marriage to be between one man and one woman only. We see this following the creation account in Genesis. God made man, then woman…and called it good. There are a lot of other references to homosexuality in the Bible, but that account in Genesis is the key one for me.
  • All of those things combine to me feeling the conviction to vote for marriage to be defined as between one man and one woman.

I think all Christians should be prepared for legalized gay marriage to become a reality in the world. Too many people view this issue as something similar to civil rights or women’s rights for something not to change very soon. If I wasn’t a Christian, I would too. Gay marriage isn’t going to undermine Christianity. I won’t vote for it, but I won’t cry over it. As a believer I would much rather speak to God’s design for marriage from the pulpit instead of putting up a “Yes on 8” sign in my yard.

The likely reality of this issue is that gays will be granted full marriage rights on the term “civil union.” This will appease the fundamental Christians who will say they aren’t truly “married” and appease the gays who just want the rights of being married.

Ok…I opened this can of worms.

Time for you to continue the dialogue in the comments.