Fortuitous Bouncing

I’ve talked with several people about my post earlier this week titled “A Christian President.” Looking back at it I’d like to apologize for one statement. I said, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because Christians are notorious for not being Christ like when it comes to politics.” While I do think many Christians are not Christ-like within politics, I should have avoided the ultimatum statement that I gave because it is simply not true. So to you the reader and any Christian who reads this, I’m sorry. My biggest desire (that I tried to show in my political posts) is that Christians would put more hope in Christ than they do in American politics.

Now onto the your regularly schedule Saturday post.


  1. Jim Wallis says leave Sarah Palin and her family alone.
  2. Shane Claiborne was at Eugene Cho’s church in Seattle last Sunday night. I’m sad I couldn’t make it (would have been a long bike ride). He has some pictures and audio.
  3. Craig Groeschel is blogging about how to lead a church in financially tough times.
  4. John Ortberg on the lessons to learn from this past election. The more I read of his (books and blogs) the more I absolutely love.
  5. Richard Dahlstrom has an excellent post titled: “Mr. Potato God.” Weird title, I know. But an excellent post.
  6. I’ve been talking to my buddy Ross about him posting some of the fiction he writes. So please please please go check out this post by him. He is an awesome fiction writer.