Sunday Rundown 11.2.08

Today I led worship in our 11am services. Here is a look at our set:

  • My Savior Lives
  • Welcome/Me Sharing Some Thoughts
  • Surrender
  • The Stand
  • Offering: How He Loves
  • Special: Own Me (Ginny Owens)
  • Nothing But the Blood
  • Came to the Rescue

I’ll share some thoughts on the day…

  • I just about totally dropped the ball during the “me sharing some thoughts” section. I was charged with started the days focus on submission and surrender, but in the end I think I just rambled on too much. My bad.
  • I loved doing half of Surrender and half of The Stand and kind of bridging the 2 together.
  • I dig How He Loves, but I have to wonder what the average person thought of the “heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss” lyric. I imagine that could be a distraction from worship, but I hope I’m wrong. Otherwise…I love that song.
  • The band and worship choir freakin rocked. I was blessed to have them behind me. Makes my job very, very easy.

Sunday Setlists