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Sunday Rundown 11.2.08

Today I led worship in our 11am services. Here is a look at our set:

  • My Savior Lives
  • Welcome/Me Sharing Some Thoughts
  • Surrender
  • The Stand
  • Offering: How He Loves
  • Special: Own Me (Ginny Owens)
  • Nothing But the Blood
  • Came to the Rescue

I’ll share some thoughts on the day…

  • I just about totally dropped the ball during the “me sharing some thoughts” section. I was charged with started the days focus on submission and surrender, but in the end I think I just rambled on too much. My bad.
  • I loved doing half of Surrender and half of The Stand and kind of bridging the 2 together.
  • I dig How He Loves, but I have to wonder what the average person thought of the “heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss” lyric. I imagine that could be a distraction from worship, but I hope I’m wrong. Otherwise…I love that song.
  • The band and worship choir freakin rocked. I was blessed to have them behind me. Makes my job very, very easy.

Sunday Setlists

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  • jan owen

    Tyler, maybe that particular lyric would be a good talking point – to me it really describes the passionate way God enters our life. Nothing chaste or half hearted about it. I hate it when my husband gives me a peck – that signals indifference or a “dutiful” kiss. When he really kisses me, I know he loves me and wants me and is passionate about ME. So that rocks my socks off. Same way with God. He doesn’t politely pat us on the shoulder, but enters our lives passionately and wholeheartedly and sweeps us away…….I love that line, but that’s just me! I do think it could be a great thing to discuss.

  • Seth

    Well, I wouldn’t call it a manly-man lyric…but then again, that’s not a requirement. I’ll admit that I find it somewhat distracting and off-putting.

    The Stand/Surrender combination was really cool, and I didn’t notice what you called rambling.

  • Gary Durbin

    I hate it when I ramble. I’ve found that less is more sometimes in the sharing moment. Great set.

  • Laura VG

    I thought you spoke rambling from my perspective.

    Have to admit…”sloppy wet kiss” was not a hit at our house (nor with the others sitting around me…saw a few heads shaking). Have to go with Seth on this one. Ever read “why men hate going to church”? this would be a prime example of how men have trouble engaging in worship. Lyrics like “Jesus, lover of my soul”, “sloppy wet kiss”, “beautiful Jesus”, get the point…are not exactly engaging to the average manly man. Just a thought :)

  • Rich Kirkpatrick

    At least you did not pray by reading the lyrics of the previous song… ;)

  • Dave Stewart

    “heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss” lyric.

    Actually, I instantly thought that this was God’s love for us in Oregon. All of that rain can seem like a sloppy wet something from heaven… :-)

  • Tyler

    Jan- I agree…might have to do that next time.

    Gary- Less is almost always more when it comes to talking during a time of worship.

    Laura- Manly worship…that is something I always struggle with. Then we get in a debate of what being a real man is. Good thoughts though, something to think about for the next time we do it.


    Dave- Good point! Especially the past few days. I have a feeling running in the rain is going to get old quick.

  • Seth

    Laura, you read my mind. Love that book.

  • thejonmorris

    worship leaders are ramblers….now you know you’re the real deal. haha

    great blog dude, love your stuff. I’m linking to ya.

  • Amy Elder

    You actually didn’t ramble … your thoughts were great … and the “wet, sloppy kiss” thing … defintely distracting. However, LOVE the song .. and have been singing it all week. Maybe we could just leave out that verse.

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