What I Like to Watch

Aside from my job and my homework I enjoy relaxing by watching a tv show or two. For me, it is a great way to unwind from a full day. Here are the rankings of my favorite shows:

  1. jeff probst survivorSurvivor– Nothing but the best. This doesn’t even count as reality tv anymore. They are far beyond that on this show. I love that you get great game play in this show. There is nothing better than watching humans interact in the midst of hunger and competition.
  2. friday night lightsFriday Night Lights– The best, least watched show on tv. It will be back on NBC in January and I cannot wait.
  3. the officeThe Office– Does anything more need to be said? Is there honestly anyone who doesn’t love this show? Hilarious.
  4. the amazing raceThe Amazing Race– Everybody would choose to do this reality show if they could. I honestly don’t think it is as good as Survivor because you don’t get to see the behind the scenes game play or get to know the players as well, but it is a cool way to see the world.
  5. kath and kim nbcKath and Kim– Consider this something pretty close to The Office with Molly Shannon. Rose likes this show more than I do, but it is still a pretty funny show.
  6. lipstick jungleLipstick Jungle– YES…I did just include this show on the list. Call me a woman, I don’t care.

So what are the shows that you love?