What I Like to Watch

Aside from my job and my homework I enjoy relaxing by watching a tv show or two. For me, it is a great way to unwind from a full day. Here are the rankings of my favorite shows:

  1. jeff probst survivorSurvivor– Nothing but the best. This doesn’t even count as reality tv anymore. They are far beyond that on this show. I love that you get great game play in this show. There is nothing better than watching humans interact in the midst of hunger and competition.
  2. friday night lightsFriday Night Lights– The best, least watched show on tv. It will be back on NBC in January and I cannot wait.
  3. the officeThe Office– Does anything more need to be said? Is there honestly anyone who doesn’t love this show? Hilarious.
  4. the amazing raceThe Amazing Race– Everybody would choose to do this reality show if they could. I honestly don’t think it is as good as Survivor because you don’t get to see the behind the scenes game play or get to know the players as well, but it is a cool way to see the world.
  5. kath and kim nbcKath and Kim– Consider this something pretty close to The Office with Molly Shannon. Rose likes this show more than I do, but it is still a pretty funny show.
  6. lipstick jungleLipstick Jungle– YES…I did just include this show on the list. Call me a woman, I don’t care.

So what are the shows that you love?

  • http://ash-nits.blogspot.com ash

    House M.D.
    Law & Order SVU
    The Riches
    Battlestar Galactica (I know I know!)
    Daily Show/Colbert Report
    And when I really really need mindless entertainment? VH1 Reality shows…ha ha

  • http://www.aworshipfulheart.typepad.com jan owen

    I really don’t watch much tv but I enjoy “The Office”, and “Chuck” with all of the family. I enjoy “The Closer”. I’ll watch “Monk” and “Psych” with my hubby……and I always enjoy an old 80s sitcom rerun…..I’m way behind on my shows but I love “Chuck” now. I would have never thought so.

  • http://thejonmorris.com thejonmorris

    in order of importance

    #1 Football (college, NFL)
    #2 Lost
    #3 Cosby Show
    #4 Will and Grace (I know I probably shouldn’t watch this and be a “Christian” but I can’t help myself)
    #5 Jericho
    #6 CSI Miami or NY not Las Vegas

    on another note I had some friends that made it to the final 50 for show selection on Amazing Race 2 years ago….they got a free trip to Phoenix then LA out of it

  • http://rcgale.com Ross Gale

    You’re a woman Braun.

  • http://klampert.com klampert


    lets see

    amazing race
    dirty jobs
    top chef
    project runway
    shear genius
    ace of cakes

  • Alan Wilkerson

    Here’s this old fart’s list.
    Battle Star [no apologies cuz it’s just plain good]
    Star Gate Atlantis [last season :(]
    The Unit
    Dr. Who, Torchwood and spin-offs
    Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

    PTL for Tivo and DVR’s that’s all I can say.

    Now these are GUY’S shows… things blow up and bad guys get shot can’t beat that


  • http://blog.visualtrademark.com CJ Mills

    I’m glad someone else admitted to Friday Night Lights – my wife makes fun of me for watching a show about high schoolers…haha

  • http://manofdepravity.com Tyler

    Jon- I would probably have to put football/basketball well ahead of all these shows as well.

    Jan- My brother loves Chuck, I’ve just never taken time to watch it.

    Klampert- I’m a woman….come on man….project runway? give me a break.

    Alan- I’m not a sci-fi guy so I just can’t do battlestar.

    CJ- Friday Night Lights is a great show, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Even my wife loves it and so does Bill Simmons of ESPN.

  • Kent

    Hi Tyler –

    Holly and I don’t watch TV much, but when we do, we enjoy:
    1. LOST
    2. The Office
    3. Kath & Kim
    4. SNL
    5. Sports with her dad and my brother-in-law.

    Do you know of any TV parties around town? It would be great to share in the fun with others 🙂


  • http://manofdepravity.com Tyler

    Because I am busy on weeknights a lot I have to watch most of these shows on DVR. Friday night is our date/tv show night. It is a great way to wind down after my long day of classes. So no I don’t know of any TV parties because I could never go to them sadly.

  • lynne

    Occasionally Oprah (minus her politics and new-age teaching…).

    Really, I’d rather live in a TV-free home. I think it’s a mind-stealer.

    (Doesn’t work here, with a spouse who loves watching sports on T.V.!) ha!

  • http://ash-nits.blogspot.com ash

    Alan! Thanks for the Battlestar listing, I felt alone and Cold! Tyler, dude, I have never ever been into much sci-fi fantasy, but being that I date a science geek I often suffer exposure! ha ha….Battlestar is so no sci fi…just has a sci fi theme. I mean if you liked I-Robot or anything like that, or even Star Wars is more sci fi than Battlestar…But hey, to each his own, right??

  • http://www.laureldailey.com laurel

    In order of importance,

    1. Lost
    2. Gossip Girl (I know. But YOU try staring into the smoldering eyes of Chuck Bass without becoming a drooling superfan forever and ever, amen.)

    (no, seriously. Try it.)

    3. The Office / 30 Rock (I put these together because they come on one after the other. But I think 30 Rock is the funniest thing on TV right now)
    4. Heroes (though this season thusfar as been disappointing…)
    5. Project Runway (when it’s on. It’s filming at Jody’s school right now and she has ridden an elevator with Tim Gunn himself. It’s magnificent.)
    6. Family Guy (it’s on at 6pm and those two back to back episodes are the highlight of my weeknights, always)

  • Kent

    Makes sense, we often use the DVR for the same reasons. Glad to see your priorities are in good order. You are wise…and talented!

  • http://richkirkpatrick.com Rich Kirkpatrick

    – Heroes
    – Cable News junkie while blogging
    – 24 (woo hoo next week!)
    – Chuck
    – Fringe
    – Prison Break
    – Clone Wars (me and my son love it)
    – Eli Stone
    – HS videos, and gaming more than TV though

  • Miranda

    I could not live without The Office and LOST… not matter how weird LOST has gotten over the years. But The Office… genious.

  • http://kassota.wordpress.com tam

    seriously? lipstick jungle? ive never watched it. but hey, if you can, i sure can!

    i like….
    Dexter! slightly disturbing. ok, a lot disturbing, but brilliant show.

    and What Not To Wear. also slightly disturbing.

  • http://www.jaymckenney.typepad.com Jay McKenney

    top 5….

    NBA TV
    Survivor/Office (combined them since they are on the same night)
    Heroes/Prison Break (it was a tie, plus they are on at the same time)

  • Yonas

    Food TV Network, BBC America, HGTV, Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmerman on Travel channel, Discovery.

    Sports: Not my thing. I’d rather watch Sell This House than anything on ESPN (except maybe WPT)…this is bad I know.

    Crazy, I have nothing in common in terms of TV programs with all the commenters here. I still love y’all.

  • http://www.jessharvey.net Jess

    Did you know Lipstick Jungle just got canceled??? I like that show too!
    Also the Harvey picks are: House, NCIS, CSI NY, Seinfield and I like HGTV but not when Chad is home because he makes fun of it…
    Late comment, sorry!

  • davestewart

    I just don’t get why people like The Office so much. Maybe I just have an inability to laugh at myself (I’m a manager after all). I’m getting less adicted to series TV all the time.

    Amazing Race – since I love travel, all the rest are about life from death transformations…

    Pushing Daisies

    If I had cable, I would watch Battlestar Gallactica.