Election Madness

I’ve been wanting to highlight a number of the great posts written following last Tuesday’s election. If you have any great ones that you have read or that you wrote make it be known in the comments.

  1. Rose Marie Berger shares a great story of listening to Obama’s speech at midnight at the Lincoln Memorial in D.C.
  2. Leroy Barber shares his thoughts on the idea of a black man being elected President. As a Caucasian, I think it would be impossible to understand the full weight of Obama’s presidency.
  3. Bono has written a letter to Obama.
  4. Jenn Lockermann followed election coverage through Facebook statuses. She didn’t like what she read.
  5. Great thoughts on McCain’s great speech.
  6. Jim Wallis outlines the changing political look of evangelical Christians.
  7. 82 pictures of Obama and his family on election night via Flickr.
  8. Tim McGeary writes about the misuse of God’s will in this election from both sides with a post titled “The Purpose Driven Centrist: God Will Do the Right Thing.”

Anything that you read that you would recommend?