Chatter Box

Every time I lead worship I usually play through the set while thinking about the theme and I see if there is any natural spot where I might want to share something.

There is so much to balance when trying to figure this out and it is definitely not near as easy as some worship leaders make it look. It takes balancing the theme of the day, words of the various songs, and flow of the songs together.

Sometimes I have something on my heart that I feel is poignant enough to share, other times I just like to read Scripture, and sometimes I prefer to pray.

My personal style prefers less talking. Sometimes this is me reverting to my more introverted personality and can be a negative thing, but sometimes I don’t want to get in the way of the music which is often far more powerful than anything I could add through sharing, praying, or reading a Bible verse.

One thing I don’t like is hearing the opinions of many who just say that a worship leader shouldn’t talk at all. I totally disagree with that mindset. That person is put there by God to lead the congregation and so much of the flow of a musical set is what happens between the songs.

So what do you prefer? Some talking? No talking? Just prayer and Scripture?