This morning the 4 of us went out to the Homer Spit to watch some eagles.

Homer is somewhat known for the “Eagle Lady”. She has been feeding eagles everyday for a long, long time. It is illegal to feed eagles in Alaska, but she has been given a permit by the state to feed them until 2010 because she has been doing it for so long.

Today there were easily over 100 eagles within a few feet of our car. Part of me wanted to get out of the car…the other part of me saw how big their tallions and beaks were and I didn’t want to lose my head.

Here is a video of the elegant eagles (Video Embedded!!!)


Now for some amazing pictures. These probably paint a better picture of how beautiful these birds are (if you want to see blown up versions of the pictures you have to click on the picture, then click on the picture again).

flying eagles

group of eagles

bald eagle


bald eagle

bald eagle

These birds are so elegant and beautiful. It was incredible to watch so many of them this morning.

I’ve added pictures from our trip to Flickr and Facebook. There are links to those pages on the right.

(HT: My mother in law took all the pictures)