Fortuitous Bouncing

I know, I know…no new name yet. Still processing that.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be the First Family for a day or even an hour? I caught myself wondering that. Don’t get me wrong, I want no part of that job, but the idea of everyone catering to my every whim and having that much power would be a cool thing if only for a short time.


  1. Eric Bryant has a post on traditional vs. missional. He sums it up pretty well.
  2. Latest addition to the emergent groups is Queermergent. The comments are a hotbed of people who can’t have a conversation about this without offending people. I invite you there, to take part in an open and respectful conversation.
  3. My new favorite MLK quote on street sweepers. Brings me right back to my janitorial days.
  4. Pope Benedict is launching his own YouTube channel.
  5. I loved this.
  6. “I shudder at the tears He cried as I allowed my serving Him to replace my knowing Him.”