Need A New Name

I thought about this while biking on the way home from church tonight…fortuitous bouncing needs a new name.

Leave a comment and share some ideas. I want to stick with this weekly installment, but I’m bored with the name and judging by how many of you comment and read it each week…it isn’t too catchy 🙂


  1. Britney Spears has hired an online media manager. Brody has a great post about it.
  2. A lot of you have asked me about the eagles since I came back from Alaska. The big news this week is that she passed away. My mother-in-law wrote a great post on “The Eagle Lady’s” life.
  3. The cold weather we had in Alaska has reached the midwest and northeast. Here is a funny video of a guy using a frozen banana as a hammer.
  4. If you use Blogger for your blog, then you have to read THIS POST.
  5. Chad has a great post answering the question of why we should go to church.
  6. Is domestic abuse an acceptable reason for divorce?
  7. Like father like son.