Sunday Rundown 1.18.09.

Today was the first time of leading worship in 2009 for me today. I led in both services today at Sunset which is a bit unusual. Here are both sets for the morning with the keys in parenthesis:


  • Oh For a Thousand Tongues to Sing
  • Friend of God (D)
  • Let the Praises Ring (E)
  • Made Me Glad (Bb)
  • For the Beauty of the Earth (F)
  • Revelation Song (D)
  • Special: Here I Am (Downhere)


  • Hosanna (G, Starfield)
  • All Because of Jesus (A)
  • Let the Praises Ring (E)
  • Beautiful One (D)
  • Revelation Song (D)
  • Special: Here I Am (Downhere)

Our first practice (on Tuesday) was a rough one. I hadn’t played with the band for 3 weeks at that point and was pretty rusty after vacation. But the practices got much better on Thursday and then this morning.

The special song by Downhere didn’t immediately fit the theme of the message on Genesis 22, but I tried to tie into Abraham’s words in verse 11 when he said “Here I am” and I thought it worked pretty well.

Having 3 songs that were the same in each service always makes it easier on me and the band.

I made sure I went to McDonald’s for a mocha this morning. I have to give credit to them for me being lively and awake this morning. After working at a conference all weekend I was pretty well spent, but the mocha (which I really needed) helped me get through.

Overall, an awesome morning. Band played great and I had some of our best vocalists around me.

(Sunday Setlists)