Torture of Life

obama changeThis past week was the first of Obama’s new Presidency. It was his first chance to prove whether all the campaign talk and rhetoric would actually come to fruition.

I would say this: so far, so good on that.

We expected Obama to end some ties to Bush’s war on terrorism and we expected Obama to promote a pro-choice agenda. Last week both those were immediately backed up.

Earlier last week Obama announced the plan to close the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. It is famously known for housing unconvicted and convicted men with ties to terrorism and 9/11. In the midst of this decision, he also condemned the torture of all humans, something Guantanamo was known for.

The day after that announcement Obama allowed U.S. family planning clinics to use their money to provide funds for international family planning clinics. This is known as the Mexico City Policy decision. Essentially the decision allows taxpayer dollars to support abortions around the world.

I thought what Scot McKnight had to say on this was spot on:

“Support of abortion and opposition to torture is a moral contradiction, and I call on the Obama Administration to re-think their position of their stance on abortion.”

The contradiction is found in Obama calling for an end to torture by closing Gitmo (a positive move for our country in my mind), but also supporting the increasing torture of the unborn.

Your thoughts?