Fortuitous Bouncing

I’m playing at a memorial service this morning.

Here’s to hoping that it isn’t an open casket. Those things creep me out.


  1. Great post by James MacDonald on churches wanting to “reach our culture” and what churches really end up doing after they say that.
  2. Ron Pai shared some good thoughts on the Christian bubble.
  3. Harold Hoehner’s expertise on Ephesians is unbelievable. He recently passed and this is a great tribute to him.
  4. Don Miller on how to write a book. He probably has some advice worth listening to.
  5. Ryan Guard on texting in church. And if you think people don’t…you are wrong.
  6. 10 reasons we won’t talk about race.


  • Joyce

    When I was 21 the first funeral I played for was an open casket. As I walked thru the front doors of the historical church’s front door, the casket was immediately in front of me. She was a high school girl who died in Alaska. Her body was brought back to her birth place of Laconner, WA. No one else was in the small sanctuary, since I’d come early to practice on their organ.

    Just me and her.

    Slightly freaky. But I knew what my purpose was and just got on with it. There were many more open casket funerals to play for over the years, but lately I have noticed fewer open casket services.

    Hope it went well for you.

  • ash

    hope it wasn’t an open casket either…i saw my first one when i was 6…my dad had to carry me out…i was really creeped me out and started wimpering.

    ANYway– i think it’s great that yonas has now coined the phrase “nc” to the blogsphere reference of non christians (noted in the bubble blog by r. pai).

    when a friend of mine guest preaches on a sunday morning, i know for a fact that his wife sometimes texts him to instruct on various delivery changes…’settle down, sit back on the stool’ or some other odd thought to the sermon. it’s a bit hilarious actually…and texting is probably a lot less distracting than someone’s dang ringer going off and having to leave the room…or rudely whispering too loud next to others. shrug.

  • Yonas

    Why would somebody sell coffee without it’s top?? How could you drink it without spilling??

    Haha thanks Ash for acknowledging my NC term…….now if I could just copyright that thing…like maybe $.02/each use….

  • ash

    nice play on words w/ the coffee, yonas

  • AmyE

    As for Jindal’s comment. I guess the question isn’t whether or not we need to be monitoring volcanoes, but whether or not that should be part of the stimulus package. I would say it doesn’t really make sense how volcano monitoring will improve the economy.

  • Deana

    Just must tell you I love the fortuitous bouncing you do….it provides great reading..and thought provoking….especially the 10 reasons we don’t talk about race!