The Mentoring Project

For the longest time I’ve been praying for God to show me a way I can get outside my bubble of comfort. Throughout my seminary classes and working at Sunset I’ve been greatly challenged that my faith cannot simply be something I keep to myself. True faith pushes believers to love others. Now for a story:

It was 2 weeks ago. I was preparing for the men’s retreat and looking around at Don Miller’s blog. Then I went to the website for The Mentoring Project (an organization founded by Don). Don describes TMP this way: “an organization that equips the faith community to mentor fatherless boys between the ages of 6 and 14.”

I noticed they had some unpaid summer internships. Something in me twinged. The good kind of twinge I guess. The kind of twinge that isn’t just in your head, but hits in your heart too. The kind you sort of think could be God’s way to trying to show you something.

Normally when I get those I know they are from God but I provide a quick answer back. In this instance the answer would have been “God, I have to work extra and make money this summer so I can pay for school. Oh and I want to take a summer course at seminary. I’m too busy for this.” I can’t explain why but I didn’t respond to God that way. My response was more like “um…God….why?”

I mentioned all this to Rose that night and told her was excited to hear about it from Don that weekend (and I did get a chance to talk to him about it).

All this to say, I’m now in the process of applying for a part time, unpaid, summer internship with The Mentoring Project.

Most often I do a horrible job of listening to the different ways God is trying to speak to me. To me, the most Godly people are those who can sense God’s leading within their life through each and every day. I’m not one of those people. I’m fairly certain that God tries to get my attention a lot, but I do a great job of drowning him out with noise and complacency.

I can’t explain why I decided to actually follow what I feel is God’s leading, but I can tell you that it feels great. After hearing from Don two weekends ago I felt greatly challenged to tell a better story with my life. For me this meant doing something instead of just talking about it. Me being involved with The Mentoring Project is a huge step for me in that direction.