Is The Church's Desire To Be Culturally Savvy Killing It?

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I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had that revolve around this very subject. I often wonder about this very thing: are we trying to be so relevant and savvy that we lose the heart of the gospel and what Christ desired for his bride? This article really nailed all those kinds of questions for me. Here is my favorite part:

Our generation, the 18-to-34 set, tend to share a common characteristic. We are remarkably self-satisfied. We are socially aware, politically sensitive and culturally savvy, and we like this about ourselves. The question it raises, however, is if all our sensitivity, savviness and awareness has led anywhere. Certainly, social justice campaigns abound within our generation. One would be loathe to be identified within the subculture without a keen passion for grassroots, countercultural movements. However, where have these movements led? Is ours a generation that is quietly changing the world, or is social conscience just one more accoutrement of fashion for us? An accessory we wear with our Chuck Taylors and horn-rimmed glasses? It seems we’re out not just to change the world, but to impress. The question is, who exactly are we trying to impress? (emphasis mine)

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Your thoughts?