3 Ways to Keep Up With Change // Gary Hamel

I’m at a satellite location of The Leadership Summit (#tls09) in East Portland today and tomorrow, basically all day. It is the one event that my church consistently attends and makes time for throughout the year. This is actually the first year in over 9 years that we haven’t hosted a feed of the Summit.

This morning Gary Hamel gave an absolute phenomenal talk about keeping up with change. Once I find a way for you to listen to the whole thing I’ll let you know. For now I’ll just pass on some of his main points.

His talk centered around 3 ways to keep up with change.

  1. Conquer Denial
    1. (Bad example) Dismiss-Rationalize-Mitigate-Confront
    2. (Good example) Face the facts-question your beliefs/practices-welcome dissent
  2. Generate More Strategic Options
    1. We must be open and must be participative.
  3. Know Who You are
    1. “You are unlikely to change until you know your basic practices/cultural orthodoxies.”
    2. What hasn’t changed in the last 3 to 5 years? Why hasn’t it changed?

Some of my favorite quotes from his talk?

“Is the challenge finding great leaders or finding people who thrive in your organization’s culture?”

“Our structures weren’t built to be adaptable.”

“Millennials have a hard time finding Jesus in the long shadow of hierarchical organizations.”

“Our churches need to be the most vibrant, resiliant, adaptable organizations in the world.”

Incredible challenge of the highest importance if churches want to reach the next generation.