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Sovereignty // Tammy Hodge

This post is a part of the Sovereignty of God Blog Series going on throughout the months of July and August. You can read about the series and see a schedule of the posts here. You can subscribe to all the posts here.

Today’s post is from Tammy Hodge, otherwise known as inProgress. She is married to Brent, and has two great kids Kass and Kota. I’ve gotten to know Tam through the social interwebs and even in person on a couple occasions (she lives about 4 hours from me). Tam is an incredible writer and amazes me with her ability to get over 150 comments on a post about chest hair (not kidding).

sovereign…in control, authority, supreme, power, prerogative.

i think i am one of the few people who can honestly say this…but, i do not question God. i dont. i cant. i mean, i can – i am able, i just will not do it. in light of His sovereignty, being in control, having all authority in and of this universe, reigning supreme, all powerful with the prerogative to do as He sees fit cause He sees all…nope, i will not question that.

have there been times in my life when i could’ve questioned God? sure. i can think of several times. when i look down at my arm and my stomach and see the scars from beatings received from my mothers boyfriend – i could have questioned God. when i think of how my first marriage ended with a gun to my head then ultimately my husband taking his own life – i could have questioned God. when i think of the baby i miscarried – i could have questioned God. and i could go on and on and on.

but were any of those instances really Gods fault? the question i hear most from believers and unbelievers is “why would a sovereign God let this happen?” i guess im more of a simple thinker, i dont know, but i say we let this stuff happen. God didnt make that mean man beat me or molest me. although He knew it was going to happen and knew when it was happening, it wasnt Gods choice….it was the abusers choice. the abuser who exercised free will.

free will. a gift from God. a gift that is abused and can turn into a curse for others.

yet, He is still in control and sovereign. in the end…He wins. its the middle that concerns me. do we recognize His sovereignty in the darkest of times? looking back now on all those personal circumstances, and more, i see how God weaved and crafted everything together to get me here now. and He’s not done yet. is it a path i would’ve chosen? well, some of it i did choose. and God did allow that. and like the Gentleman He is, He didnt force me into something else. free will. but because He is in control He will allow these times to shape me, to grow me, to stretch and refine my character. and im quite fine with that. He’s working it together.

so, instead of questioning a sovereign God for the worlds injustices…i need to look inward, and at my fellow man, and question our own motives and defiant natures…not Gods Sovereignty.

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  • HisLifeformine (Theresa)

    Well said Tam. It is hard sometimes to get the words right to explain that ‘God didn’t do it – we did’.
    God is God and who am I to say ‘Why me?’. The better question is ‘Why not me?’. I’m not any better than anyone else on this earth, and IMHO asking the question ‘Why me?’ implies that I am.

  • Tyler

    So God is completely sovereign and we still have free will? Not quite understanding how we can truly have free will if he is completely sovereign.

    • David

      Besides His sovereignty, God is completely just and completely love.

      So in His complete (and mind-boggling) love, He gave us and the angels before us the gift of free-will, and then to us dominion over the earth. Yet in His complete justice, He’s continued to witness the destruction of His creation by the exercise of that free-will as we choose to follow the original abuser of said free-will, and not Him.

      Yet none of that changes His complete sovereignty.

      It’s where that part of the definition – being the holder of the prerogative – comes into play.

      We know God could intervene, but in His complete love and justice, He doesn’t. Right now.

      Because all that said, we also know how this current age ends.

      It’s just this “middle” bit (as Tam said), where our free-will appears to be the predominant factor, that doesn’t fit our human concepts of how a sovereign Being should be ruling the roost.

      Because our idea of a loving, sovereign, just God is different to His. Just as we are limited by our lack of divinity (amongst other things), maybe He is limited through the choices He makes due to His sovereignty?

  • Joseph Louthan

    I like Tammy’s definition of free will is which is far more biblically correct than any other definition I have ever heard:

    “it was the abusers choice. the abuser who exercised free will.”

    In other words, and correct me if I am wrong, the sinner sinned.

    That is what sinners do. They can do nothing else but sin.

    • tam

      yah. its kinda just the natural thing :? some care. some dont. but its our choice.

  • Christina

    I have known Tam for a decade – we are so old..and this very point, I believe is the place we agree on most whole heartedly. I have been in similar places and experiences – and I went through a brief period as a young woman questioning God’s presence during those times.

    What I learned however, is this – just as I want the relationships in my life to be of free will, I want honesty, I want those that love me to come to me with honest hearts and of free will, God has granted us that same free will. He IS sovereign, He is almighty, and because of this He understands the perfection of a relationship made of honest desire, and not only this – it is our acts of giving, kindness, love and grace that pour forth honestly from our hearts that are true beauty. He could make us do this, we could be robots, but what TRUTH would there be in this?

    I believe his complete wisdom reigns in the fact that he allows us to have free will, and in those moments that we freely come to Him and freely express Him to one another it all makes sense. The depravity of man will always exist, but His love can conquer that, I am absolutely convinced.

  • TheNorEaster

    “The poor and the oppressor have this in common: the Lord gives sight to the eyes of both.” ~Proverbs 29:31

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