Sovereignty // Brent Hodge

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Today’s post is from Brent Hodge, otherwise known as @inworship. Brent was the first blogger that I met in real life after getting to know him through his blog. Rose and I have had the privilege to get to know him, Tam (his wife), and their two kids since then. They are the real deal. Brent is a worship pastor in southern Oregon at Table Rock Fellowship.

God’s sovereignty has absolutely nothing to do with me.

Have you noticed that theology surrounding the sovereignty of God, usually directs our thoughts towards humans having choice. In essence, when we discuss God’s sovereignty, we most often bring it to something we can understand or relate to. “Do we have free will?”. Then from there we determine or discuss God’s involvement in our decision making process. This seems very arrogant.

I don’t claim to be a theologian, nor am I seeking to be one. I love to learn and study, but I refuse to replace my “unknowing” life, with my “knowing” life. For me, to “know”, is to replace my reliance on God, with my own resource.

So, what about the Sovereignty of God? Well, to me it is a mystery. One of those beautiful mysteries that, I believe, we attempt to know and understand. One of those things that we try to wrap our head around and “know” as humans. But, when God tells us “His ways our not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts”. How can I ever seek to understand Him?

To me, the sovereignty of God lies in this relationship with Him. The unknowing. Everyday, I choose what I will wear, what I eat, how I steward the blessings I have, Who I am in my beliefs and how the light of Jesus pours out of me. I choose. And yet, my choice, does not alter God’s plan for His kingdom. His plan is set. Does this mean I am a puppet? Not sure, but I don’t feel like one. He’s declared that He desires my heart. My intent. How can I give this to Him without choosing? And yet, My choice to step into a vehicle may be His plan to take me from this earth.

One of the definitions of Sovereign is “an acknowledged leader”. For me, this is what God’s Sovereignty boils down to. Control. In thinking of God’s sovereignty, I think a better word than choice, is control. Am I truly ever in control? Control determines everything. Who or what controls my life? And does this influence determine my choices? Everyday, I  will choose. But everyday, I either surrender to God’s control and sovereignty, or I rebel against it. And when all is said and done…God is God. Everything goes through Jesus. I will have to answer to Him and Him alone. God is in control.