Sovereignty // Andrew Jones

This post is a part of the Sovereignty of God Blog Series going on throughout the months of July and August. You can read about the series and see a schedule of the posts here. You can subscribe to all the posts here.

Today’s post is from Andrew Jones, otherwise known as Tall Skinny Kiwi. Andrew is an active participant and leader in the conversation surrounding the emerging church, emergent, and missional. He was probably the earliest Christian adopter to blogging since he started in 1997 and then under the name “Tall Skinny Kiwi” in 2001. Currently Andrew is traveling around parts of Europe with his family in a truck for the purpose of Christian ministry and wrote this post from somewhere in the middle of Belgium.

I went through my photos this morning to find an image on “Sovereignty”, as part of this blog series.

truck and offroad

There is an image of our truck getting horribly lost in Poland this summer. We were on our way to a Christian Festival and the highway was blocked off. The GPS took us on a 4 wheel drive excursion that was really quite scary. But in the end, we arrived at our destination, which was somehow inevitable and sure.

God’s sovereignty suggests to me that eventually, God gets what He wants, even though the journey takes unexpected detours.

Many years ago, when God’s people refused to enter the promised land, God threatened to disinherit them and start again with Moses and his descendants. Moses appealed to God’s character and pleaded for forgiveness on behalf of his people. God relented, forgave, and went back to Plan A.

But, said God, “as truly as I live, the earth will be filled with the glory of the LORD”. (Numbers 14:21). Or in other words, there might be twists and turns in the road, but eventually, in the long haul, God will have his way. Sovereignty, as I understand it, is connected to the missional purposes of God.