This summer during my internship, 2 other interns (Julian and Shawnte) helped put together this video of a mentoring relationship that happened through The Mentoring Project.

The video is of Ben and Dennis. I actually have a class this semester with Ben, which is cool. Here is my favorite part of the post that we did with a video (below) for the TMP Blog:

Often in mentoring relationships there is an expectation and an almost nervous anticipation about what the mentor is to give the mentee. Ben says he is only trying to empower Dennis, a boy he describes as smart and imaginative, to live in to the incredible potential he sees. For Ben, being a part of The Mentoring Project has been more than he expected. He has found that mentoring is not just about what he can give to his mentee. “Dennis,” he says, “is ten years old and is changing my life every time I see him.”

During my time at The Mentoring Project one thing was continually reinforced. Most of the time being a mentor doesn’t take much. A little bit of time, and a little bit of a effort. But that little bit goes a long way.

I love how this video hits on that. You really should watch it and then go check out Julian’s blog. He is a rad dude.

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