When I first started blogging I envisioned writing a lot about sports. In some ways that would be a dream job for me: to write about sports and/or fantasy sports.

But after writing 3 or 4 posts that were completely about sports, I realized pretty quickly that most of my readers could careless about sports. So this blog’s focus shifted from sports to church/seminary/worship pretty quickly. However, I am still a big sport’s fan. We moved from Minnesota when I was 9 but I’m still a big fan of the Twins (no I don’t want to talk about the game last night), Timberwolves (no I don’t want to talk about Rubio staying in Europe), and the Vikings (we can talk about them all day).

This year the Vikings have had 2 plays that I can only describe as epic. They are simply unbelievable plays that anyone (even people who hate sports) can appreciate.

(Come here to watch the videos RSS readers)

The Game Winner:

The Push Over:

This is all I could come up with for a post today.

The post I wrote on Tuesday has taken up all my blogging time just keeping up with the 60 and counting comments.