Fortuitous Bouncing

Right now we are in the middle of what is often called a “Pineapple Express.” It is a warm, wet weather system that comes from the South Pacific toward the west coast. It is currently pouring down rain and will continue to do so for a while. Perfect for a lazy Saturday morning.

The Twins are done…but at least the Vikings are undefeated and Nebraska is playing well. Much to be happy about still.


  1. The cost of sexual immorality from Randy Alcorn.
  2. I wrote a guest post this week on the downfall of Major League Baseball.
  3. What it takes to be an overnight success from Chris Brogan…someone who many would consider to be an overnight success. Loved his perspective.
  4. “The Hipster Conundrum.” A helpful read for those you in Portland who are sick of the hipsters.
  5. “If younger and/or more secular people were going to be interested in church for the traditional reasons, they’d already be with us.”
  6. Want to do fantasy basketball with me? Go here: League ID#:221425 Password:rubio
  7. How did this become news worthy? Why do we care what 14 people think about the Bible?


Grace and peace friends.