Victory is Sweet

The Twins have never spent the most money to become a good team (unlike the Evil Empire). Not even close. Yet year in and year out they play the right way and find themselves in the thick of the playoff race.

The game tonight was incredible. 2 straight hours of me being a nervous wreck.

2009 AL Central Champs. I could never have imagined this when I went to a game there in August.

(If you haven’t seen the highlights…go here, it’ll be worth your 2 minutes)

They now have a chance (albiet slim) to beat the team that resembles the very opposite way of how to get into the playoffs.

**Update** I just checked the payrolls of the Yankees and Twins for this year. Wow. Yankees=$202 million. Twins=$65 million. If you weren’t sure of who to root for, that should be enough to sway you.

minnesota twins celebrating walk off win

Victory is sweet.