That Time of Year

You might remember last year when I shared about why I love October. This October is shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory.

favre and the vikings beat the packers

Of course it helped when the Vikings beat the Packers last night and the fact that it is supposed to be sunny all week.

twins tigers playoffAt about the same time last year my Twins were busy losing to the White Sox in a sudden death tie breaker game. They lost 1-0.

One year later they’re playing in the same game. This time against the Tigers and this time it is at home. If they lose, it will be the last Twins game played in the MetroDome (I was there just over a month ago). If they win they’ll have the privileged of hosting the Yankees for at least one game.

Every October when the Twins play I always think back to 1991 (yes I was alive then despite rumors that I’m 16 years old). And I think back to Kirby Puckett’s walk off homer in game 6, and Jack Morris going 10 innings in game 7. I’ll recall all those memories this afternoon while rooting for the Twins to do the improbable…win the Central after being down 3 games with 4 left.

Question: Who is your pick to win the World Series?

I’ll take the Cardinals.