Fortuitous Bouncing

I got up way too early yesterday so I could be sure to get my hands on the Droid that came out for Verizon. I’ve never had a phone that had apps or could check email or could use the internet. It is a really weird shift to be able to do all those things all the time, whenever I want. The phone change also reminds of the need for boundaries in internet usage. Anyone else get a Droid or going to get one? So far I’ve been really pleased.

Watch out for Nebraska to pull an upset on Oklahoma tonight….or not.


  1. Interesting article titled, “Is the Bible actually true?”
  2. Incredible story of a former KKK leader who learned to love those he previously hated. Hated is probably a kind word compared to what it truly was.
  3. Jason Boyett wrote a thought-provoking post on the ways he is annoyed during times of “worship.”
  4. How you can “dislike” items on Facebook using Firefox.
  5. Check out some of what Eugene and One Days Wages is up to.
  6. How biking is shaping the upcoming culture in Portland. Does any church in Portland understand this?


Blessings to you.